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Complaints about one of your dealers in western australia

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someone better call me on 044860**** so i can put forward a complaint totally ripped off and im not happy with chrysler full stop being over charged and using 2 nd hand parts on my car this is total ***

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Glen J Inv

Pissed with lack of attention by Chrysler Jeep dealers in South Australia who don't want to be troubled by attending to recalls.

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Every time there is a recall, and this happens more than it should the dealership always advises (and I make access to three of them) that the parts required are not available and could be delayed by up to three months.

When pressed the staff at the dealership (X3) will *** and readily advise that FCA is a hopeless organization and that the delays are a feature of FCA operations and that the supply of parts is always a nightmare.

The staff member on the phone will initially refuse to call me to advise the availability of the required parts but when pushed will agree to do so. But of course this never happens.

I was told this morning by a staff member of the dealership that Jeep's only concern is its relations with the ACCC and I was also told the customer doesn't mean much, but relations with the Feds are of paramount importance.

Pissed off, and still waiting.

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Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Abhay Tps

I got a job application form from Times Jobs regarding vacancy at Chrysler. I just want to confirm if it is authentic and from Chrysler.

Chemical Process Engineer Production Supervisor Ice Cream



Bengaluru, Karnataka



5 days agoFull–time

Skills :Chemical process,Engineer,Petrochemical,Plant,compressors,Pumps,process simulation,Hazop,Olefin operation,Production Manager,Food,Ice Cream

Qualifications :Any Graduate

Education Requirements :Engineering,Plant Maintenance,Production/Manufacturing/Maintenance,Quality Inspection

Experience :3 to 8 yrs

Due to expansion and our ability to offer our customers a total service solution, participating in every link of the project lifecycle from origination, financing and development, to design and construction, operations and maintenance.

We are seeking freshers and experienced candidates to join our national Building Group to focus on projects.

Jobs available in australia for full-time


Our commitment to our employees includes competitive compensation and high-quality benefit packages. In addition, we are committed to recognizing both team and individual contributions to the Company's growth through recognition, rewards and incentives.

Job Location Australia

Qualifications/Experience: Open to all

For details, submit your CV through timesjobs portal

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Reason of review:
Work Experience or Job Application

Chrysler should be ban in Australia to sell

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never ever by jeep any brand of this they should be ban to sell cars in Australia poor customer service FCA doing nothing cars are faulty even you get warranty still not worth to buy this cars buy new car since i brought always have problem with that 1 water pump 2.heater 3.three time change battery in 18 month 4. keys problem 5.engine tapped gone 6.

camshaft gone 7.

front globe gone due to faulty battery 8. driver side door trimmer gone never in stock even globe they have to order customer service *** i deal both dealership and FCA they repairing my car but donot have parts in stock still waiting for parts since last year dechamber

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  • Very bad experince
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Bad quality
map-marker Penrith, New South Wales

Chrysler Car Review

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I have a vault dash in a Chrysler 300c. Chrysler will not do the right thing and replace/repair it.

I am planning on filing a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading. This car is over three years old but this is obviously a fault that should be fixed.

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Reason of review:
Bad quality
map-marker Bendigo, Victoria County

Chrysler Australia - Jeep Cherokee Review

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I too have had my kk Jeep in over and over again for the same issues. They say its not covered by warranty but on doing my homework the speed sensor and ABS and engine lights on in dash causing severe loss of braking is a common problem on why do i have to pay for a Fault that is already known to Chrysler..there fault for not making a vehicle that has known Problems.

I paid $203.05 today for a $28 part and $156.03 for the diagnostics my dealership had already done and had already diagnosed this problem last week...but had to do it all again. Im Pissed to the Max...NEVER WILL I BUY OR RECOMMEND TO ANYONE TO BUY A JEEP.

(and this is only 1 of many Faults i have had in my a yr. ggrrrrrr

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Reason of review:
Warranty issue

Punto Transmission problems

My Fiat Punto has significant transmission issues. I have now found the identical problem reported on the web,, youtube etc.across numerous countries.

Punto Australia says systemic transmission mechanical problems reported elsewhere are not their concern.

$5,000 is the cost just for the part. No email communication is possible to or from from Fiat, and they do nit provide names to call back.

I noted the identical problem recorded as far away as India on youtube:

Grande Punto Gear Unavailable Problem error - YouTube

▶ 0:48

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Reason of review:
Bad quality
Maison Kan
map-marker Gold Coast, Queensland

Resolved: 300C terminal part failures, major difficulty in sourcing replacement parts, ridiculous waiting periods, astronomical prices

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In the past six months my 2006 Chrysler 300C has suddenly experienced a cascade of terminal part failures, many of which rendered the car undriveable and in some ways could arguably constitute a statutory write-off. The fuel pump assembly shorted-out, rendering the car undriveable.

After fixing it by myself for $550 (second-hand parts) and $220 (inspection), the car still didn't start and the local mechanic discovered the entire fuel line and fuel injectors had been clogged-up. After having it fixed for $892, the car experienced throttle issues. I changed the fuel injectors ($280), throttle body ($150) and fuel injection gasket ($45) by myself. However, a couple of weeks later the engine again wouldn't start and I found out from the dealer the steering column lock and Sentry key ignition module had gone bust ($1800 for genuine parts).

The problem returned within 15 minutes of driving so the micro-chipped RFID keys had to be changed, except there are no keys in stock across Australia. Ordering from the US usually takes about six weeks, so I sourced two keys by myself in two weeks ($90). The car still wouldn't start and the dealer told me the powertrain control module was faulty ($1500 for genuine parts). I am trying to source a second-hand part for less but if the car still doesn't work I may have to sell it.

The car breaks down too catastrophically, it is too hard to find replacement parts, takes too long to wait for delivery and costs too much to have it fixed.

FCA really needs to get its act together, and I have written to FCA's CEO Patrick Dougherty about the ridiculous waiting time to get parts. I suggest you do too: patrick.dougherty@***.com

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  • Dealer dispute resolution process
  • Dealer customer service
  • Six week waiting period for parts
  • Lack of spare parts in stock
Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


Hi, just wondering if your Chrysler is back on the road and who did the diagnostics for you? I have one that is in failure mode at the moment and not getting very good service from "Customer Care"

Maison Kan
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-989217

I'm still trying to source a 2nd hand PCM, which isn't easy as they are made unique. Gold Coast Chrysler checked mine since SKIM issues can usually just be done by a dealer.

Customer Care at Chrysler didn't help me much either, they just made excuses. Will let you know if I'm driving again.

Maison Kan
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-989217

Hi, Chrysler sent somebody to the dealer service team and he couldn't figure out why the parts were failing. However, the dealer Gold Coast Chrysler did a fantastic job of determining the problem was due to a short-circuit behind the left fender.

If the front bumper bar is incorrectly fitted it can crush the wires and cause random short circuits in the fuel pump assembly, SKIM module and PCM - which can cause intermittent stalling or ignition issues. To be honest, I think most cars are made to last 10 years after which they need lots of fixing. I think this is because car manufacturers want people to keep buying new vehicles instead of continuing to drive their older cars.

I have installed a Sentry key bypass module to avoid further issues with transponder keys. Good luck with your car!

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map-marker Brisbane, Queensland

Other Product Review

Hi Chrysler I need some one to get in touch with me as I have a problem I would like solved before I take serious action.

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map-marker Sydney, New South Wales

2012 Wrangler, +30L/100km fuel consumption & now gearbox failed.

After months of searching the perfect car for my wife's birthday present I decided to purchase a brand new Jeep Wrangler from Tynan Motors, Wollongong NSW in July 2012 and got it delivered to the Gold Coast where we live.

We were very excited & happy with the car upon delivery.

In the coming months we started having issues with the car which included the following:

- Drivers side door not closing properly. When closing it like a normal person would it would simply bounce straight back and sometimes if you're not ready it will bounce back so fast and hard that it will slam into you. at times it would take up to 9 attempts to shut.

- Upon installing the soft top on heavy rainy days the roof would leak.

The above 2 issues we did not bother to much about as it was not as serious as the following problem.

In October 2013 the car finally reached 10,000km on the odometer. This is extremely low for a 15 month old car as we do not drive it very far.

As we only mainly used the vehicle to do city driving we use to be able to travel up to 500km in one full tank (75L) / (up to $130 to fill up). But as soon as the vehicle reached 10,000km it only was doing 290-330km in one full tank. I decided to wait for a couple of weeks and monitor it. I noticed the fuel consumption indicator increase up to 30L/100km as opposed to the normal 13-15L/100km which it was normally indicating. I contacted Jeep and spoke to someone in the service department in Tweed NSW. He was very shocked and surprised upon hearing the mileage I was getting out of one full tank. He advised me to get the car on a highway and drive it a bit rough as it may have locked itself in a mode or something along that line. That did not fix the problem at all.

I booked the car into James Frizzle service department in Southport, Gold Coast QLD to get it assessed and fixed however according to them they could not find a fault. So again I decided to wait and monitor it and see if it would continue with the problem, well it did and got even worse.

The car was booked in for the second time for assessment and at the same time for its service.

Again they said no fault found and advised me to change to a different fuel!!

I tried BP fuel and still no improvement

Things got even worse when the car reached 13,000km, the fuel consumption indicator started to malfunction, it showed: 24L/100km then jumped to around 70L/100km then to around 150L/100km then it went above 200L/100. I managed to take photos for evidence.

I booked the car in for the third time to get it fixed but again they said no fault found. They said they did an on road test and the results were good and that my instrument pack was faulty. They said they will order one and call me when it had arrived.

So now the car was booked in for the fourth time to get the instrument pack replaced.

To my surprise, last week, again the same fault occurred with the instrument pack malfunctioning together with the high fuel consumption issue continuing. Again I took photos for evidence.

Then to the absolute final bombshell!!...The day after the above occurred I drove out from my work place, came over a bridge and almost had an accident as they car did not change gears like it normally would and accelerated. The car started to drive funny and the check engine light went on. So now the gear box has given up and the car is not safe to drive at all.

I emailed the Chrysler customer care department and advised them of the situation. They called me a day later asking to get the towed and they will try and fix it for the fifth time. I declined that offer and told them that I want a full refund. They are not willing to give me a refund even after I spoke to Legal aid, NSW fair trading and my lawyers in relation to a letter of demand. As advised my Chrysler customer care i have emailed and spoken to the purchasing dealer (Tynan Motors, Woolongong NSW) on numerous occasions but they simply don't want to have anything to do with my situation.

My $45,000 near new car has been parked outside my house for almost 3 weeks useless and we have no means of transport.

Yes, Chrysler Australia DO NOT want to take any responsibility nor do the purchasing dealer ship and even James Frizzles, South port QLD were the car has been serviced and repaired numerous times.

Today i was contacted by NSW fair trading after i had lodge a complaint with them against Chrysler Australia and they to could not get anywhere with them.

NSW fair trading even said they get flooded with complaints against Chrysler Australia. So Fair trading has advised me to take it to NCAT. Any decisions made by NCAT tribunal Chrysler Australia must do.

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map-marker Dayton, Ohio

Problems Review

I am having same problems

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map-marker Sydney, New South Wales

Chrysler Jeep do not abide by Lemon laws

Our 2011 Jeep Patriot purchased Feb 2011 has so far had a new gearbox, new steering rack/column, new power mirror motors (both right and left side) and a new motor for the left side front window. Vehicle has been in to the authorised service centre almost every single month and countless trips to the dealership to try to tell them that our vehicle is seriously defective.

Do you know many cars that silp out of Drive and into Neutral, and start to slip backwards whilst they are in forward motion? We have had numerous scares where this has happened and we tries to tell the service people and they responded variously with: go to another authorised Jeep service provider, or: go away you are wasting our time, or: take it to your local mechanic. Calls to Chrysler Jeep head office in Australia has been futile. Emails and calls since Feb 2012 have resulted in no satisfaction in getting a refund or replacement for our lemon vehicle.

The faulty gearbox took over a year to be replaced and we were forced to drive a car that was like a loaded gun. It was a miracle no one was hurt or killed as a result of the special transmission feature. So did anyone apologise to us for screwing us around for over a year before addressing this issue? No.

Do Chrysler Jeep Australia admit that the vehicle meets every normal and reasonable definition of what a is? Nope. They are obviously working off some other weird definition of a lemon which probably involves some panels falling off as you drive the car!

Anyway, after seven weeks of the vehicle being in for the new gearbox and window motor, I had told the Chrysler Rep for our state that the vehicle's chassis creaks and squeaks.

We got our Jeep back last Friday 1 June 2012. Asked the authorised service people to confirm that all items and concerns raised had been addressed and this included the squeaking creaking chassis. "Oh yes" they said. Got the vehicle home.

Creaking and squeak for the first hour of driving is so loud it drowns out the radio. Then we have the accompaniment of clunking noises when we take turns! Hmmm! So much for getting the vehicle back fixed.




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Go to that guy is definitely one very disgruntled Jeep owner!


Dear All,

Firstly a week after my last post, 13 June 2012 to be exact, a major bolt broke from under the car and the right front wheel went one directly whilst the rest of the car went another!. Ok, did I or did I not have written email assurances that all was fixed and now ok with the car when we got it back 1st June??? So car got towed back to Rosebery Suttons for them to fix damage caused by wheel coming off. I was so cranky, spoke to as many people as I could for advice and even saw a lawyer. All were saying that even if Chrysler or Suttons agreed to buy back the Jeep, we stood to lose around $14,000 off the original purchase price. Hmmm. Well not if I could help it!

Even worse, got the car back and the next evening we had to call out Jeep Roadside Assist because the vehicle was making knocking sounds from under the vehicle AGAIN both front and back. The Jeep Roadside Assist mechanic who came out wrote us a short report to say that the vehicle needs to be checked again and was not safe to drive because of the sounds. The next day the Suttons staffer came out and said he couldn't hear anything! Wow! Selective hearing?? Deafness? Well enough was enough. I was not waiting for another wheel to come off the car!

Did lots of research. The old adage of applies. Apparently the US media is full of reports of Chrysler workers turning up for work drunk or off their brain. These reports never seem to reach us here in Australia but I am guessing how precise could any vehicle be if it is put together by worker who are off their face?

Also found out the CEO of Chrysler worldwide is Mr Sergio Marchionne. Apparently one of the qualities of this very intelligent and down to earth CEO is that he actually reads his own emails. So I sent Mr Marchionne an email. Noted he read the first email. Outlined the story of our sorry heap of cr*p. Got a Read Receipt. In my next email I noted he had read my first email and then gave him 24 hours to contact his people in Melbourne at Chrysler Customer Care (aka NO Customer Care) and to approve a full refund for the heap of rubbish we were sold.

Please watch this space. I will posting an update in a week or so :)


Well I really feel for you and your daughter. Guess what has happened with your Jeep Patriot? Latest installment: Was given all clear and assurances all issues addressed after new gearbox installed. Have these in writing from the Service folk.

Well we take the vehicle back 1 June. Noisy squeaky chassis worse than before for first 10 days or so plus knocking sound underneath.

Contacted dealership, Service Department, Chrysler Jeep Australia in Melbourne and all they had to say? Take it back! Ahum! No beeping way! They had it for 7 weeks and it was still not checked properly or working as it should.

Driving home from Bunnings yesterday, less than 2 weeks after we picked up the vehicle what happens?? The entire right driver's side wheel effectively came away from the rest of the car. Police had to be called out to navigate traffic around us, a tow truck was needed to take it back to the dealership's service department and back to square one again!!

Thankfully this did not happen last Sunday when went to Goulburn for the day. Imagine that happening at 110 km/hr on the freeway! Or how about peak hour traffic on Princes Highway 15 minutes earlier??

What makes this worse is that Chrysler basically don't give a toss, or a number two about their consumers. Great adverts for sales but wait until the word spreads. They are getting a bad name in the marketplace and they just don't seem to get it that their product is .... a number two!

My colleagues don't know whether to laugh or cry with this latest installment. My husband and I are psychologically broken by the constant problems this vehicle has. Thinking of hiring a lawyer just to end this constant drama.

Stick to your guns and get in touch directly with Chrysler in Dandenong Head Office for a replacement vehicle whilst your daughter's vehicle gets fixed. Don't be put off. What happened to your daughter's vehicle is NOT normal wear and tear and she should not be inconvenienced because the yanks can't seem to put a car together right. Let me know if need their contact number because it is not readily available on their website!



My daughter bought a Jeep Wrangler less than 12 months ago and from day one it leaked water-same experience back to the dealer -no satisfaction.Calls to Jeep Australia -futile!

This week the electronics failed -she was told 4 weeks to get a part from the US and they have welched on providing a replacement car.There ad about being hip for young women to buy a "Jeep" is an absolute fraud.Taking complaint to Consumers board -my comment DO NOT BUY A JEEP

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map-marker Sydney, New South Wales

Rip off Chullora

Bought a Jeep states 12 months free service, stated this when we took it to Chullora for the service although didn't buy the car there. No problem they will Do the service, only to be billed $280, what part is FREE..

Phoned the dealer we bought the jeep off and he said we shouldn't be charged... we were going to buy the car at the same place but they gave us a ridiculous trade in quite an insult. I suppose this only confirms that we were right not buying from them... As for ever getting the car serviced by them ..

Unless you have money to throw around go for it... Not...

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map-marker Melbourne, Victoria

Sebring Quality and Support

Since buying the top of the range Sebring 2d Convertible Limited from new in 2008, I have had nothing but quality issues. Bits falling off, coming away and poor performance.

However, now that it is out of warranty, I have now reason to be very angry. I want to get a roadworthy and the passenger seat recliner handle is broken (worn). Again, plastic rubbish. I have been told that Chrysler no longer stock the part and therefore I cannot get a Roadworthy.

It is the classic Catch 22 situation. I have searched the Internet for the part (1FK061DBAD) and although there are sites advertising it, as soon as I place the order, they then say it is out of stock.

my only option is to find a scrapped sebring, which is unlikely given how new they are. I am really pissed that chrysler do not stock parts for a model that is still in circulation.

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corey e Pgb
map-marker Ipswich, Queensland

Sold me lemon and stole my jeep

i purchased a brand new 2009 jk jeep wrangler 2.8lt diesel turbo.its nearly 2 years later and the dam thing is still rooted.

in total i have NOT had it, due to repairs, for over 11 months of the time i have owened it.

at 23,000klms it had been through 3 clutches, 3 turbo's, 1st and 2nd gears replaced, diffs leaking, bad vibrations, stalling, jumping out of gears, not engaging the transfer case or disengaging if it does, and no power. and it had not even been offroad!

its a six speed manual but there is no way it can drive in 5th gear and dont dream of it using 6th gear! so im down to 4gears and even that is starting to fail. it was sold to me with a faulty steering damper (chrysler has been aware since releasing the jk 4door in 2007!!)

now its done 42,000 klms and its big end bearings are shot and clutch and turbo AGAIN and is back at a different servive centre/dealership, but its not getting fixed. its been ANOTHER MONTH with no vehicle or even a car to use and chrysler is unreachable and the new dealership is playing games as well.

it seems as if chrysler doesnt want to honor the new vehicle warranty and fix the useless jeep and tells the dealerships to shut up and get rid of me! but im not going away as i paid a fortune for a peace of rubbish.

i just want what is right and just.

also it was stolen by the service manager and he used it to move his furniture! not even i have been able to use it for anything and its mine!he damaged seats and rear gate paint, plus did 400klms with a flat tire as he was unaware of the dash warning light for low tire!! they are supposed to authorized trained professional staff, thats why a service cost an arm and a leg but they couldnt even put the sump plug in correctly after its second service! disgraceful, damaging MY vehicle (if you can call it that!), disrespectful and zero customer satisfaction.

WELL DONE CHRYSLER you have destroyed the brand name JEEP, you should re-badge it "JUNK".

from one pissed of so called customer!


thank goodness for sights like this, more power to the people!

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GOod on you "real jeepers". You've got Chrysler Executive written all over you!!

I too have had/am having a ridiculous time with my peice of *** Dodge. I cannot believe how little Chrysler care about their customers, or their reputation! As for smart people selling them, NO THEY DON'T. Some of us have a social CONSCIENCE.

I could not look someone in the eye, as they are about to hand over their hard earned cash, and tell them they were purchasing a great car.

These cars should not be on the road. This company should not be able to trade.


Coz78 when you post on these site try not to stretch the truth to far. It makes no sense for the service manager to use your so called stuffed car.

i think you need to stop blaming the dealer and looking for problems and address the real issue. Maybe user abuse? A smart person, if they were having these sorts of problems would sell it. but im guessing you are the other person.

Stop giving the JK a bad name. maybe you would be better in a suzuki or something more Femanine

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corey e Pgb
map-marker Perth, Western Australia

Jeep/chrysler junk

i posted about my problems with my jk jeep and chrysler.

im in Australia and will be starting legal action against chrysler/jeep and would like to hear from anyone who has problems and complaints about faults with their vehicle and any bad warranty issues.

chrysler are dodgy and will blame you or anyone but themselves to avoid warranty claims. my email is coz78@***.com

also check out

you will be amazed at the stuff they are doing to avoid claims.

title your emails to me- 'bad chrysler/jeep' and give brief description of problems and faults.

time to hunt!

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Legal action for what? i have read your posts and am guessing your an internet mechanic.

if all those thing had gone wrong then no dealer in there right mind would have refused to fix them.

sounds like you need to change the way you drive.

Good luck with the law suite


Any time i have a problem i just talk politely to the dealer and it gets resolved straight away. im guessing you dont.

Stop dealer shopping.

this is why no one will help you and once they realise its user abuse you will be stuck with court costs. I mean go ahead let me know how it works out for you.

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